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F. Michael McAloon class=

F. Michael McAloon

B.S., University of Connecticut; M.S., Georgia Southern University



Work Phone: 860-945-7830

Year Appointed: 2006

Michael graduated with a major in pathobiology from the University of Connecticut. After graduating, he traveled for six months in India with the Elephant Welfare Association studying parasitic diseases of elephants. This research led him to publish the first report of a previously undescribed life cycle of the tapeworm that parasitizes elephants. Michael then earned his M.S. in Biology from Georgia Southern University (home of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Tick Collection) concentrating his studies on Public Health Entomology. While at Georgia Southern he was awarded a full research assistantship from The Nature Conservancy and chose to teach Environmental and General Biology.

Michael discovered his love for teaching and continued to do so while completing his research. Michael’s accomplishments were acknowledged with several awards while at Georgia Southern including The Academic Excellence Award and the Georgia Entomological Society Scholarship. After returning to Connecticut, Michael was employed at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station working in the West Nile Virus surveillance program. He was admitted into the PhD program in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Connecticut, majoring in Entomology. Michael is currently earning his degree, studying the evolutionary history of chigger mites that transmit diseases to humans in Southeast Asia. He has been awarded several grants; one from the National Science Foundation to conduct collaborative research at Fudan University, Shanghai; one from Connecticut’s Center for Conservation and Biodiversity to digitize collections at the British and Paris Museums; and Harvard University’s Ernst Mayr Award. Michael recently published a description of a new species of mite collected from a rare habitat in Georgia, named to honor his friend and distinguished naturalist, George A. Rogers. Michael has also served as editor and reviewer for several scientific journals, and has designed scientific software, databases and web pages for various Institutions. While at the University of Connecticut Michael taught a number of courses including Biology for majors and non-majors, and Entomology. Michael enjoys blending his experiences abroad, teaching and research to enhance each student’s learning experience at Taft. He lives in Watertown with his wife, Stacey.

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