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Application Deadline: October 16, 2017

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*I am willing and able to commit to the two year Global Leadership Institute Program, including regular meetings, extra field trips, a joint inquiry project, and associated research.


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Interests & Achievements

Please share with us any academic or personal achievements of which you are especially proud. Please also describe any academic honors received. Be as detailed as possible in your response.  

Extracurricular Activites/Special Interests

Please note your interests and activities in order of importance to you in areas such as music, drama, art, community service, debate, writing, athletics, employment, or hobbies. We understand that some candidates have more opportunites for organized activities than others, but are are interested in how you spend your time outside of the classroom. Please indicate in the right hand column those activities that you hope to continue.

* Please list at least ONE activity.
Activity Years of experience Positions held: awards, honors, leadership
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Applicant Essays

Please address the following questions in less than 500 words each.

*Describe one issue facing your local community that particularly concerns you and propose a solution for the problem. Be sure to name your local community (e.g., Waterbury, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Tokyo, Chicago, Greenwich, etc) in your essay.  

*Discuss an accomplishment, event, or experience in which you personally were called to take on a leadership role. This can be at school or at another organization (religious body, team, camp, etc.) or even in your own home or with friends.  

I certify that all of the statements made in this application are true and complete. I understand that misinformation or omission of information could result in my disqualification and/or termination as a Global Leadership Institute scholar.

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