June 29, 2020 — July 31, 2020

* NOTE *

While we have entered a brave new world where no one can see the future, I want to let you know that, as of right now, March 20, we continue to plan on running the TEC. Our first week is a little over 3 months away, and I will remain optimistic that we, as a nation, and, in fact, as a world, can come together to overcome the obstacles ahead of us.

Please continue to apply. If there is a change to our schedule, we will notify everyone that is registered and will also update our web page with the information.

We are working from home so please send an email with any questions you may have.

Directors Note

Thank you for visiting the Taft Educational Center (TEC). We all know it takes a special person to be a teacher. And it takes a very special teacher to give up a week of summer vacation to attend a professional development workshop.

We have been offering workshops since 1976 and are the oldest and largest summer institute in New England. Your summer experience with us will allow you to meet other colleagues and exchange ideas and information. Our intensive workshops in both AP™ and non-AP™ disciplines will help familiarize you with skills and content to better prepare you for your students. Your time is very valuable, and we strive to give you a week of professional development that will enhance your teaching immediately.

With some of the best instructors in the nation and a gorgeous campus, the Taft Educational Center will provide you with up-to-date resources and information about your discipline in a relaxed setting. After a full day of studies, unwind by using our tennis courts, weight room, running trails, and golf course among other attractions.

Browse through our site to investigate our offerings. With more than 70 workshops spread across 5 weeks, we are sure you can find something that will fit both your schedule and your interests.

Al Reiff

The Advanced Placement registration

The College Board has required all Advanced Placement registrations go through their CVENT registration process. When you choose a workshop session, you will be directed to the Collage Board site to complete the registration.


You must have a College Board registration number. If you are not registered with the College Board or do not know your number, you will be prompted to another menu for enrollment.

All payments will have to be mailed to our office before you will be placed in a workshop session.

AP Coordinator Workshop - JULY 15

The Taft Educational Center will be hosting an AP Coordinator workshop July 15, for one day. All AP Coordinators may register through our website. The workshop is considered Week F and will be at the bottom of the workshop list for registration

We know that so much of what you do as an AP Coordinator is behind the scenes and goes unnoticed. We also know that your work, with jumping through the many hoops and crossing the “t”s and dotting the “i”s makes your AP exam testing run seamlessly. At the same time, there have been a number of major changes in how to enroll and administer these critical exams, and staying on top of these changes is crucial to your role.

We hope you will join us for one day this July where you can be brought up-to-date on all that is going on for AP Coordinators. Your role is vital to your school, even if you are not recognized as such. Our workshop will help you navigate the AP Program of today and tomorrow.