June 24, 2024 — July 26, 2024


For most of us, these past few years have been like no other. The challenges facing the global community required us to think carefully about our learning community.

This year, we are building a professional development program for teachers that will have the majority of our workshops virtual and a few will take place on our beautiful campus. This shift allows us to continue delivering the high-quality educational programming we are known for.

As we work towards finding a balance between on campus and on line, we will offer
all our science workshops on campus this summer. We are hoping that in future summers we can get back to our workshops held on campus.


Thank you for visiting the Taft Educational Center (TEC). We all know it takes a special person to be a teacher. And it takes a very special teacher to give up a week of summer vacation to attend a professional development workshop.

We have been offering workshops since 1976 and are the oldest and largest summer institute in New England. Your summer experience with us will allow you to meet other colleagues and exchange ideas and information. Our intensive workshops in both AP™ and non-AP™ disciplines will help familiarize you with skills and content to better prepare you for your students. Your time is very valuable, and we strive to give you a week of professional development that will enhance your teaching immediately.

With some of the best instructors in the nation, the Taft Educational Center will provide you with up-to-date resources and information about your discipline.

Browse through our site to investigate our offerings. With more than 50 workshops spread across 5 weeks, we are sure you can find something that will fit both your schedule and your interests. Please note that many workshops will be remote and will have the word remote in their title.

Al Reiff