Instructions for Applying for Summer 2018


To apply for workshops, please complete our on-line application.

Your application will not be completed until you "Lock your Application" and continue through the payment information. You will notice all the status indicators on the left side of the application have a green check mark. This indicates that the application is now completed and will go to the TEC office for review.

If your application is not complete, it will be placed in a "Hold File" for one week. You are not entered into a workshop at that time. The system will delete the application after one week and you can reapply.

Before you lock your application, please review your information, using the guide on the left of the screen. You may make any adjustments to your application until you lock it. Only
after you have entered your payment information, is your application complete.

Note: All applications without payment or completed purchase orders will not be processed until they are completed.


Please note that all workshops may not be available when you apply.

Until you receive an email confirmation of your acceptance into your requested workshop, please do not assume that you are registered.

You can follow the status of your application by clicking on the link provided to you in the email upon completion of your application or by going to your on-line web application and selecting "existing application".

You will receive an additional email when the workshop is confirmed with a link to your Instructor letter and syllabus.

If you have any questions or concerns about the application process or you would like to verify your status, please do not hesitate to call or email our office.


Rooming assignments are made based on the date the completed application is received.

Enrollment and dorm space are limited. Each participant that registers as a boarder will have a single-room dorm room. There is only one dorm that is air-conditioned on campus. Please apply early to avoid disappointment.


Credit card information should be entered at the time of the application. Your credit card will be charged the full amount at that time.


Purchase orders for new applications are accepted until June 9, 2018 and should be emailed to at the time of your application or mailed to the TEC office. After June 9, 2018, we will only accept purchase Orders that are complete and can be emailed to the TEC office immediately.

If you are submitting a purchase order, you MUST fill in the contact information (please use someone other than yourself as contact person) for the purchase order to be verified before you will be entered into any workshop.

If your school can not create a purchase order at the time of your application, our office will need to contact the contact person for a written verification that your school district will be paying your tuition.

The purchase order or written verification of payment must be in the TEC office
before your application will be processed. Your application will be placed in a "hold file" and you will not be placed into the workshop until TEC has received confirmation of payment or the purchase order.

After June 9, 2018, we will no longer accept purchase orders for new registration payment. Payment will need to be made with a credit card to register. Please call the TEC office for clarification.


If you have received a scholarship award from the College Board, please email your acceptance letter to Alison Oriente ( for processing. Please note that the acceptance letter must be emailed in to complete the registration process. We will not process your request for workshops until the award letter is in the TEC office.

The College Board only pays for the tuition of $950. If you are applying as a boarder, you will have to pay the difference of $200 prior to the start of the workshop. A personal check mailed to TEC will be acceptable.


If you are paying with a personal check, please mail in check as quickly as possible. We will not be able to place you into a workshop until payment is received.


When you use this payment option, your application will be placed in a "Hold File" and will not be entered into the system until after you have spoken with Alison.

Please contact Alison in the TEC office at 860 945-7837 or email: if you are using a purchase order number for multiple teachers or you are replacing a teacher that has withdrawn. You will not be entered into the workshop until after we hear from you.