Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register without a College Board Educator Professional Account and why are there two different paths to the registration?

If you are applying for a NON-AP workshop then you will go through the normal TEC registration process. If you are selecting an AP workshop, you will be directed to another website to complete the registration.

The College Board
is using a new registration system (Cvent) that all Advanced Placement Summer Institutes need to use.

If you are applying for an AP workshop, we cannot
continue the registration process until you complete the College Board Educator Professional Account information page. It takes about 2 minutes to complete and once you have entered in the information, the system will recognize you for future years and workshop sessions.

Where do I go if I need to change any information, cancel the workshop session, change dates or housing options?

You should call or email the Taft Educational Center Office: or (860) 945-7837. All modifications, cancellations and payments must be done through our office.

What is the cancellation policy?

Workshop participants who have registered by June 1 may receive a full tuition refund if they make a request in writing before June 1. All cancellations received on or after June 1 will be subject to a $250 cancellation fee. If a cancellation request is made on or after June 1, Taft Educational Center will accept a replacement participant from the same school. "No-shows" will be responsible for full tuition fee payment. Participants in workshops that are cancelled by TEC for any reason receive full refunds.

When do I need to decide if I want graduate credits?

Graduate credits are optional. The cost is $145 per credit. There will be a signup sheet in your workshop on Monday morning. This sheet will be used to print the university registration forms. The forms will be delivered to your classroom on Thursday. You are not obligated to apply at this time. You have up to three (3) years to apply for credits. If you did not sign up for forms in your classroom and decide at a later date that you may be interested, the university forms can be emailed to you. All checks and forms are mailed directly to The University of Hartford.

How do I get to campus if I fly? Where will I park if I drive?

If you apply as a commuter, we have a parking lot specifically for commuters. If you register as a boarder, we have a boarder lot for those that are driving. Participants that fly into Bradley International Airport will have an option to take the free Taft Van. The van only makes two trips to Bradley on Sunday afternoon. Van reservations are available online. (You must be registered to take the van). We also have a van returning to Bradley airport on Friday. The van is free of charge.

When does the workshop end on Friday and can I stay an extra day?

The workshop week ends on Friday at noon. With advanced notice, we can accommodate most Friday stay-overs (except for the last week of workshops) for departing participants. Please note that the office is closed on Saturday. If you are planning on leaving campus on Saturday, there will be no transportation provided by Taft at that time.

I am taking a two-week workshop, can I stay the whole weekend and is there an additional charge?

There is no charge for accommodations for those boarding participants who remain at Taft during the weekend between workshops in which they are registered. However, our dining hall often shuts down over the weekends.

If TEC cancels a workshop session, how will I be notified and will I get reimbursed?

If TEC cancels a workshop session we will notify you via email and/or your mobile phone. You will be given the option to go into another workshop session either in the same week or a different week. If you decide that you cannot make any additional workshop sessions then you will be 100% refunded any monies that were sent to us.

What is the dress code on campus?

Informal attire is appropriate for workshops. (Shorts, T-shirts, Sneakers). All participants that register for a science workshop must have closed-toe shoes while in the classroom. Most classes are held in air-conditioned classrooms. You may want to include a sweater or sweatshirt if you get chilled.